Brunch At Home

Every once in a while I decide to make Brunch.  It is my favorite meal to make, though I don’t make it often.  This dish in particular, I have never made before.

It is quite a simple dish.  Its just time consuming to make all the components.  To save time, you can just fry an egg at the very end and place on top of the cooked veggies.  It will look and taste as good.

Heat up a pot of water to poach the egg while prepping the ingredients.


Fry the potatoes first, you can make it as crunch as you like.

While the potato is frying, poach the egg.

Then heat the pan in medium hight heat.  Sear the turnips, 1 minute on each side.  Add garlic spears and leeks and sauté for a few minutes.  Add mushrooms, garlic and stir fry for 5 minutes and toss in the greens right before turning off the heat.  Let the residual heat cook the greens for the greens cooks quickly.

You can plate it like in the photos, or put everything in a pile and place poached egg on top.  I would add a toast or two to eat with this dish.

Poached Egg

4 Garlic Spears – 9cm cuts

2 quartered Turnips + Greens


1 Garlic clove thinly sliced

20 grams thinly sliced Leeks

Potatoes Cubed and Fried

Couple Pinches of salt.






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