L’effervesence: 2 Michelin Stars, #12 best restaurant in Asian

Just days before my Assignment of a Lifetime at NOMA, I was ask to shoot at L’effervesence.

I was very excited because not only this was an amazing world renowned restaurant, Asia’s #12 Best Restaurant, it is my First ever shoot of a Michelin Star Restaurant, 2 Stars to be exact. It was a special Sake pairing piece. Each dish was paired with an special Sake, and they paired amazingly.

Namae Shibobu is the master mind behind L’effervesence, and the food was amazing in every aspect. I will let the photos speak for itself.

NOMA-7 NOMA-20 NOMA-3 _MG_4837 _MG_4803 _MG_4826 _MG_4866 NOMA-25

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