Fujifilm C200 X100V Recipe

Ever since I started shooting film late last year.  Fujicolor C200 has been one of my favorite film stocks to shoot street in Tokyo.  It was my most used film.  Then it got difficult to find, even in Japan.  Whenever I see stock, I buy it.   Usually in 10pack.  This film is really a joy to use.  Especially in vibrant urban cities like Tokyo.  Where there are lots of energy, colors, and movement.  When you get the exposure right, its an amazing street film.

– Fujicolor C200 | Leica M4 | 50mm Summicron v5 –


 – Fujicolor C200 | Leica M4 | Voigtlander 50mm 1.5 Nokton –


When I got my X100V, I decided right away that this will be my first film simulation I create.  This film has very high contrast and high saturation.  The reds really pop, and so do the greens.  And the tricky part is the a purplish pink skin tones in the shadows and then same a purplish pink on asphalt but in sunlight.  Its a very sensitive film stock.  I tried using it for portraits a couple times, I did not like the results.  Not a portrait film.


After playing around with the setting, I’ve come up with a great recipe with the Trans-X 4 sensor.  I’ve yet to recreate this for my Xpro-2 Trans-X 3 Sensor.


Fujicolor C200 Simulation on X100V


Fujicolor C200 Recipe

Film Simulation: Classic Negative

Grain Effect: Weak | Large

White Balance (custom) : R1 B4 *notes below

Dynamic Range: 400

Tone Curve: H+1  S+1

Color +2

Exposure compensation: +0.3 stop


*Note: about the custom white balance setting.  I used the current Fujifilm factory setting currently placed inside the custom settings 1, 2, & 3.  When you go in to make changes to the custom settings, it will prompt a custom white balance adjustment.  I just press ‘OK’ to use the already in place (factory) setting for the White Balance, then moved on to the next screen.  Where you will be able to make the white balance color shifts.

IF you haven’t changed it by hitting the “shutter” to set the new WB setting to the new conditions, please keep it at factory setting.  Just select “ok” then you will be lead to the color shift map.  This recipe is made under those conditions.

If you have changed one of the custom wb settings in the past, hopefully you haven’t changed any of the other 2.  If you have changed all 3, then I have found that 5000K is where the factory setting is for those 3 “custom” wb stands at factory setting.  So please use:  5000K 1R 4B.



I also took this simulation out at night and boy, the results were amazing!!  I think this is an amazing recipe at night.  I took this simulation out for a night in Shinjuku are in Tokyo.  The part of the city that is known for it’s vibrant nightlight.  A place where you can drink until the morning if you please.

The colors really pop and come to life at night.  The tungsten light really makes this film simulation filmic.  Now all I need is a diffusion filter and gives all the highlights and light bulbs a nice glow that film naturally produced.  It would be an amazing combo for a night photography walk.

Please enjoy and leave comments below to let me know what you think.